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WatchNanos - Nanomedicine: promises and risks

Nanomedicine: promises and risks


Nanomedicine, transhumanism and NBIC in the medical field: promises and risks

By AVICENN – Last added October 2022

Acronym NBIC refers to the convergence of nanotechnology (N) with biotechnology (B), information science (I), and cognitive science (C).

A few preamble quotes:

“In the utopian hope of being able to defeat death and suffering by the limitless power of our science, all of us, doctors, patients, health authorities, politicians… we are intoxicated by the endless flow of discoveries that biotechs like to announce with a loud crash. And drunkenness sometimes leads to the absurd (…). This leads to a real problem ofhealth equity : all other things being equal, patients who can benefit from sophisticated treatments will benefit from more national solidarity resources than those requiring “human” care, considered less prestigious” – Bruno Falissard, “ Medicine is the best alibi for technoscientific hubris“, Le Monde, September 2022.

“In the 1960s, under the presidency of Richard Nixon, the American administration decreed the "war on cancer". The promise was “in 10 years, we will have won”. Lots and lots of money has been spent. All was certainly not useless, but finally this war was not won, obviously " – Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond, “ There is no democratic mastery of science“, Critical Sciences, December 2015.

“New curative advances still allow those who do not have excellent intrinsic longevity to nibble a few years of life after 65 years. But these results are nothing compared to the preventive measures known as lifestyle and dietary rules. These boil down to three: regular walking, calorie restriction and smoking cessation. Their results are far superior to all pharmacological or instrumental interventions in most pathologies neurodegenerative, tumourous, cardiovascular, infectious and locomotor disorders” – Luc Perino, excerpt from “Refusing death can be deadly”, in For health reasons – The medicine and the facts, July 8, 2015.

Promises of nanomedicine and NBICs in the medical field

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Risks, regulation and societal challenges posed by nanomedicine, transhumanism and NBICs in the medical field

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