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VeilleNanos - Applications



Nanomaterials can be used in many different ways and concern many fields of application: food, cosmetics, clothing and textiles, household appliances, electronic and digital (screens), sports equipment, glass and construction materials, aeronautics, cars (bodywork, paints, windows, tires, fuels, …), boats, etc.

As the labeling obligation is currently only valid for a few product categories (cosmetics, biocides and food), and its implementation is poorly respected, it is very difficult today to know if a specific product contains nanomaterials.


The few available inventories that can be consulted to try to get an idea of the types of products involved do not provide solid, accurate and/or up-to-date information.

That is why we invite you to support our work to obtain more transparent information, through product testing, advocacy for the generalization of [nano] labeling and reliable and publicly accessible registers: the improvement of the r-nano register and the establishment of a European register are among our priorities.

Our monitoring, information and actions need you to continue !