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MonitoringNanos - Glossary


In accordance with our editorial line, we operate a work of popularization of information and try to offer information expressed in clear language and, as far as possible, understandable by all. Often a challenge, because the documents we work on are mostly very "technical" and full of jargon, whether they are scientific publications, legal texts, or sociological or philosophical analyses...

Here are a few vocabulary items that may prove necessary for a good understanding of the proposed texts.

The list will be expanded over time. Do not hesitate to help us complete or clarify the terms of this glossary: ​​you can help improve it by sending us your comments at redaction(at)


Cluster of particles associated by weak or entangled physical bonds.


Cluster of particles strongly associated by chemical bonds (covalent bonds) or fused


Ability to inflict DNA damage, which can promote the appearance or development of cancers


Nano-omanufactured objects, their agregats and aagglomerates.

Specific surface

Surface area of ​​a particle or material relative to its volume → one of the important characteristics of nanomaterials is the magnitude of their specific surface area per unit volume.

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