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Benefit/risk analysis

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Benefit/risk analyses of products containing nanos

By the AVICENN team – Last modification in April 2022

The benefit/risk analysis of products containing nanos must cover the whole life cycle of the products and integrate the impacts for all involved… especially the most vulnerable.

It is not only the health and environmental risks associated with nanomaterials that need to be carefully assessed.

The benefits of nanos also need to be seriously examined and evaluated.

For each type of product, the following questions arise:

  • What needs are nanomaterials supposed to meet?
  • What functions do they perform? Are they essential? Useful or futile? Who benefits (manufacturers / distributors / users)?
  • What evidence is there of the benefits described? Are they provided in understandable language? On a sales pitch or on a safety data sheet?
  • Do these pieces of information describe noticeable, perceptible and important benefits to you?
  • How are decisions made: who decides what, at what point in the innovation life cycle? Which stakeholders are impacted at each stage of the innovation life cycle? Have they been able to express an opinion and is it taken into account?
  • Is the use of nanomaterials limited, reserved for a confined professional environment?
  • Will the health, environmental and social impacts be significantly altered by a commercial extension to the general public?
  • Have the consequences of a generalization of these products integrating nanomaterials / nanotechnologies been simulated?
  • Have waste flow simulations been done?
  • Do alternatives exist? and are they more or less “effective” than the advertised properties related to “added nanos”?
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