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VeilleNanos - AVICENN's work in the spotlight

AVICENN’s work in the spotlight

In addition to our website and our own publications, we actively engage with journalists, researchers, consumers, and various organizations. Here are some highlights of the coverage given to our work:

L’Information dentaire – January 2024

More information on this topic here.

S!lence – January 2024

More information on this topic here.

Le Canard Enchaîné – December 2023

More information on this topic here.

L’OBS – November 2023

The OBS published the “NANOSCOPIE” series consisting of 6 articles dedicated to nanos, for which AVICENN was consulted, and our work was featured.

S!lence – November 2023

July 2023

Our survey was reported in the media (Reporterre, Fémina, 60 millions de consommateurs, ConsoGlobe, …), and also by non-profit organizations (Agir pour l’Environnement, Association Santé Environnement France – ASEF), Cosmébio) and by environmental health professionals (Alice BarasTania Pacheff).

La Recherche, juillet-septembre 2023

Chemical Watch, March 2023

IR Notes, February 2023

At the National Assembly, January > February 2023

After Mr. Vuilletet’s first question in December 2022, three new MPs have asked written questions to the government following our tests:

Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS) and One Policy Place – OPP, February 2023

AVICENN’s intervention and testing at the conference organized by ECOS on February 15, 2023 was relayed by One Policy Place (OPP):

The Chemical and Energy Federation of the CFDT, February 2023

At the National Assembly, December 27, 2022

Over 40 media outlets, mid-December 2022

More than 40 media outlets reported on the publication of our report In search of nanos in everyday products December 15, 2022:

60 millions de consommateurs, early December 2022

France Info, November 2022

→ Find the entire sequence on TiO2 from France Info here.

InfoDiag, Special Edition, September 2022

Acting for the Environment, July 2022

Chemical watch, June 2022

RCF, June 2022

Future Generations, June 2022

Le Parisien, April 2022

The Guardian, April 2022

High Council of Public Health (HCSP), March 2022

Chemical Watch, February 2022

S!lence, February 2022

Kali, January-February 2022

CNEWS, December 26, 2021

Chemical Watch, November 25, 2021

Que Choisir, October 28, 2021

Alice Baras, Guide to an Eco-friendly Health Practice, October 2021

BIOADDICT, October 19, 2021

French Dental Association, September 17, 2021

WECF, August 14, 2021

Chemical Watch, August 12, 2021

60 millions de consommateurs, July 7, 2021

Que Choisir, June 16, 2021

France Inter, May 13, 2021

Actu Environnement, May 10, 2021

Atout Chimie, March 31, 2021

Health & Work, March 29, 2021

Our Time, February 22, 2021

Arte, Thema, “La grande malbouffe”, 26 January – 1 August 2021

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