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VeilleNanos - Environmental risks of nanos

Environmental risks of nanos

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environment risks

The risks of nanos for the environment

In addition to the risks to human health, there is evidence of potential adverse effects of some nanoscale substances on flora and fauna.

It is known that nanomaterials or nanomaterial residues can enter and accumulate in different bacterial, plant, animal, terrestrial and/or aquatic species, be transmitted to the next generation, and move up the food chain.

To what extent and in what form(s)? Many aspects concerning the fate of nanomaterials are still largely unknown: the persistence, transformation, mobility and accumulation of nanomaterials in the environment are very difficult to understand. These data are still very patchy and despite the development of research on this subject, there are many uncertainties concerning the risks posed by nanomaterials for the environment.

This dossier explores some of the risks of nanos for the environment and in particular those associated with nanos in water.

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